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Cosmetic Consultations

At Dentist on Shakespeare we care about your smiles.  Please tell us what it is that you do not like whether it be the shape, colour or irregular teeth, with many different treatment options available in a wide price range we can work with your budget to put the sparkle back in your smile.  All options can and will be discussed fully so you are well informed.

Many people believe that to improve your smile you need to have crowns or veneers done but that isn’t always the case so why not find out what the team at Dentist on Shakespeare can do for you?  We offer FREE 15 minute* cosmetic consultations with our dentists, Mickey and Jo to discuss what we could do to improve your smile and to give you an idea of the cost involved.  If x-rays are required this would be discussed and a fee would apply.  For more complex cosmetic work a longer, more thorough appointment with our dentists may be required and it is likely that we will need to arrange another appointment for this and a fee would be charged for the next appointment.

In some instances, composite mock-ups can be provided in 1-2minutes where an idea of the final look can be visualised, photographed and then the resin simply flicked off.

Before and after photograph albums can also be viewed in our reception area to visualise the various options.

*Conditions apply to the FREE 15 minute consultation

Smiles changed with Porcelain Veneers

Where teeth are discoloured or weakened due to acid erosion, multiple fillings, root treatments, trauma etc porcelain veneers can be provided to give an even white smile as well as strengthen the remaining tooth structure.  Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells modelled by a technician to match skin tone as well as other teeth and give a natural finish that cannot be stained by daily food intake, red wine etc.

Porcelain veneers can also be used to mask mildly crooked teeth giving you an instant new smile as opposed to months in braces when teeth are straightened orthodontically.  However there are instances where orthodontics may be the better, more conservative solution and we will discuss with you so that you can make a more informed choice of the treatment that best suits your needs.

Before After Teeth - Porcelain Veneers

Before – After

Smiles changed with Composite Resin

Composite resin may be used to change a smile in one appointment as a more economical solution and can often be the conservative option for younger clientele. Spaces, shape and height of teeth may be changed to achieve a more desirable smile as shown in the photos below.

Before After Teeth - Composite Resin

Before – After

E4D Amalgam Replacements

Amalgams can be safely removed without inhalation and the tooth modified to receive a computer designed white porcelain restoration which is milled on site.

Using E4D technology we can design, create and fit your restoration in one day.  No more uncomfortable temporaries or having to wait weeks before having your restoration completed.  Your entire treatment will be completed in a single day.

With E4D we can offer you modern dentistry that suits your modern lifestyle.

Periodontal (gum) Treatments

It is a fallacy that teeth will be lost as we age – yes it is true that some people inherit a condition where there is a greater reaction to plaque leading to loss of gum attachment and possibility of inflamed bleeding gums and later loose teeth.  However, the good news is that periodontal (gum) disease can be treated and home care improved so that there is a less plaque around to cause the damage.  The healing time can be quick and most clients experience a real difference with bleeding reduced to zero within weeks.  They consistently report feeling overall healthier and more confident with fresher breath and reduced sensitivity!

Botulinum Treatment

This was initially provided for excessive grinding which can lead to excessive wear of teeth, fracture lines, broken fillings, headaches etc.

The botulinum suspension is placed into the thickest part of the muscles to reduce their power and in turn place less strain on teeth during night grinding.  A lot of positive feedback has encouraged us to provide monthly sessions.

Forehead lines, midline furrows and crows feet can also be reduced this way.

Whitening Treatments

Dentist on Shakespeare provides take-home kits as well as Zoom and Britesmile in-surgery treatments.

The most successful by far has been the Britesmile system as the results are easily maintained.

With take-home kits and Zoom similar results can be gained but with more home treatments over the first year following initial treatment.

Britesmile pens, custom-made trays and ready made trays are all on sale for maintenance treatments.

Whitening is safe and though initially causes some porosity in the teeth as the stain is leached out products are recommended which add calcium, minerals and fluoride to the enamel layer such that the tooth gains in hardness as the months go by.

Our hygienists have commented on the reduction in plaque once teeth have been whitened so not only do you get the desired cosmetic result but have gained stronger teeth and healthy gums.

At Dentist on Shakespeare we offer a FREE 15 minute* consultation with our hygienist to check that you are a suitable candidate for whitening, discussing the various whitening treatments, what is involved and advise which treatment would be best suited for you.  At this consultation the hygienist will discuss treatment for whitening only, if it has been awhile since you last saw a dentist we would advise that you see a dentist for a full mouth exam prior to commencing any whitening treatments .

We always recommend that patients have a scale & polish done prior to starting any whitening procedure to ensure that the best possible result can be achieved.  Please note that only natural teeth can be whitened and that if you have any crowns, veneers or fillings in your smile that the colour of these will not change so if you choose to have a whitening treatment done, it is likely that you will need to look at having these restorations replaced once you have completed the whitening process.

*Conditions apply to the FREE 15 minute consultation

Before After Teeth - Whitening Treatments

Before – After

Crown and Bridge Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Where there has been loss of teeth through trauma or weakened tooth structure and existing fillings are breaking down we will look at the reasons for this loss as part of the treatment process.  Where teeth are lost excessive pressure is put on the remaining teeth and with tooth movement this is exasperated to the point that the future of the remaining teeth needs to be strengthened by either crowning (capping) teeth or replacing spaces with bridges or implants.

Bridges are where teeth on either side of the space are crowned and these joined together with teeth shaped pontics to give the appearance that no teeth are missing as well as fulfilling functional needs.


At Dentist on Shakespeare our implant surgeon Dr. Pawan Kalra and dentist Dr. Jo Milne design and plan the best implant solution for you.

Implants are placed in the site of missing teeth with or without grafting and the gum closed over for uninterrupted healing.  A few months later the implant is exposed to the mouth and a healing screw used to allow the gum to grow a cuff around it as it later needs to do around the implant crown.  An impression is taken 6-8 weeks later and the new crown constructed by the laboratory. When the implant crown is fitted you effectively have grown a new tooth.  Implants can also be used to hold dentures in place.

Before After Teeth - Implants

Before – After

Before After Teeth - Implants

Before – After

2 implants used to hold denture in place minimizing size of denture and increasing overall confidence.

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Hygienist Services

Our hygienists are registered health professionals trained specifically to help train our clients to reduce plaque build up, offer dietary advice, perform scaling and polishing of teeth and guide you through individualised instruction to keep gums healthy and trouble free. They are qualified to assess the gums, supporting structures and teeth and can advise if other dental work can help reduce plaque and food traps to help maintain a good oral hygiene status. Preventive agents (e.g. fluoride) may be advised and applied to prevent decay and periodontal disease.

Hygienists can also perform whitening treatments and talk you through the best option to suit your needs, showing you before and after albums and discussing the consequences of whitening and how this can also be used in conjunction with specific products to increase the mineral content and thus hardness of teeth. Currently available are Zoom, Britesmile and take-home options.

Continuing the preventive theme hygienists can take impressions and create a mouthguard suitable for school sports.  The mouthguard material has a cushion incorporated in the sheet to help soften the blow behind the front teeth.

Fissure sealants are a simple way to prevent plaque stagnating in grooves of teeth and starting the decay process. A thin resin is painted into deep grooves and monitored at maintenance appointments. Your hygienist will advise these where the tooth has just erupted with deep grooves and either place them at the same appointment or make you another appointment where extra time is necessary.

Several aides are available to us to reduce any sensitivity during hygienist visits. For deep cleaning numbing may be advised for total analgesia but in most cases a topical anaesthetic solution can be syringed around the gum line to numb the area for 15 to 20 mins. Effects are not long lasting and mostly gone by the time you leave the practice.

Painless Numbing

At Dentist on Shakespeare ‘The Wand’ has been used for the past 3 years with excellent feedback.  A pre-numbing gel is rubbed into the required site and after a few minutes the computer controlled anaesthesia is introduced next to the tooth to be numbed.  This method is virtually painless and most clients report not feeling a thing whilst others have felt the tiniest sting that is forgettable.

Though initially introduced for children ‘The Wand’ has been a winner with young and old alike!


Dentist on Shakespeare appreciates that many people are not comfortable with the thought of dental treatment.

For this reason several aids are provided as listed below.

  • Penthrox inhalation This is shaped like a whistle but instead of blowing out you inhale a few breaths at a time to result in a euphoric relaxed state.  Treatment is interrupted so that regular puffs can be taken.  The euphoric state ceases 15 minutes after the last puff and driving is safe as well as returning to any planned activities.
  • Nitrous sedation (laughing gas) A nose-piece is applied throughout treatment and regular breathing is encouraged to gain maximum benefits and to relax through the session.  Oxygen is given to pump the gas out of the lungs after treatment so that once again you are safe to drive away.  Children need to be watched as effects are greater and they may even have a sleep at home.
  • Intravenous sedation One is virtually asleep during treatment and not aware of any of the procedures being carried out. The client must be accompanied by an adult who also continues care for the rest of the day at home.

Intravenous sedation involves introducing small amounts of the sedative into a vein on the arm. This is painless and the sedative soon takes effect. You become very relaxed and very drowsy and the dental treatment can be carried out quite comfortably.

Because of the amnesia (forgetfulness) produced by the sedative it seems that you have been asleep for most of the treatment – however, you have merely been sedated and have not been unconscious as is the case under general anesthetic.

On completion of the treatment you are mobile and can walk aided to the car, you do require an escort to drive you home though. While you will feel quite alert after the treatment, the sedative is not completely eliminated from your body for some hours afterwards – hence the need for an escort home. No food or drink should be taken for some hours before the sedation appointment. Your dentist will provide you with detailed pre and post operative instructions and answer any further queries that you may have.

Intravenous Sedation is a very pleasant way of enabling dental treatment to be carried out and is especially advised for the removal of wisdom teeth and very anxious patients.

An initial consultation and signing of a consent form is required prior to making any appointments for this procedure.